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Any Other City.

September 15, 2010

Birmingham Zine Festival was rad!  Thanks to the organisers for a great series of events.  I have pinched a couple of pictures off the internets as I don’t have a camera at the mo – hope nobody minds…

(That’s my bike outside the Victoria – she’s a beaut.)
My last few comics – I was also selling some of Isabel Greenberg‘s comics on her behalf.Me, far right, talking to Simon Fox who layed some of his sweet banjo meloncholy on the constantly crowded book fair. These photos were from the Forbidden Planet website – thanks to them for the kind words on my poster and comix by the way.

I also designed a series of drawings for the workshop at the Get A Grip screenprint studio later in the day.  We had a good old time testing them all out the night before.  These are some pics from their blog  of the workshop in action.

Huge thanks to Kay and Sam at Get A Grip!  Also check out the zine that Kay does – the DIY Times.

In other news, my comics are now stocked at the brilliant Good Grief! shop in Manchester.

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