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Wolftown Skateboards

December 9, 2018

Board graphics I made recently for Wolftown Skateboards! Get them at their site.Board orange purple green low

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On Leave.

June 22, 2017


On Leavenow available from my shop! ——SOLD OUT—— Thank you!

On Leave imagines two jobbing soldiers returning to Paris from a confused Algerian conflict, taking their leave of it and each other.

On Leave is a story experiment in which I systematically selected 20 sentences from Daniel Anselme’s novel of the same name to generate a new narrative.

On Leave is my first finished short fictional comic, an attempt to research and write outside of select personal experiences… Written, drawn, riso printed in 2 colours and bound myself at AGA Lab, Amsterdam. 8 euros + Postage.



The Alternative to Right: Diary Comics 2016.

April 29, 2017

Alternative to Right cov

The Alternative to Right is the second collection of diary comics that I made in 2016.
This edition observes airports, Trump, death, honeymooning, exercise and duolingo amongst its subjects.
I played with making square format drawings a couple of times a week in single, or four panel strips, resulting in some my most focused and universal diary comics.
28 pages, 21x31cm, risoprinted myself on recycled paper in an initial run of 50 at AGA Lab, Amsterdam.

They are 10euros plus postage and available from my shop page now. I also hope to have some to sell at ELCAF in June.





Always Readin’.

April 14, 2017

Some strips from my new collection of diary comics – The Alternative to Right: Diary Comics 2016 part 2. Available in a couple of weeks from my shop and at ELCAF in June! 0110 always readin0409 Amsterdamse Bos0710 rough translation0809 situps1208 shouldnt1611 alt right1912 duolingo turtles2408 the future2909 italiani mosquitos

Fiction and Fabrication

October 28, 2016


A harvest of twice-weekly single panel diary drawings that I made in the first half of 2016. Riso-printed and made myself at AGA Lab, Amsterdam. 20 pages. 6euros + postage.








Woman Things.

April 20, 2016


Note: I’m off of twitter now, but on instagram, give me a follow if you like! @jamesnashcomix – Lots of obligatory Amsterdam snaps, workshop detritus, good records, some drawings, no self portraiture…

Leaning Dents.

March 23, 2016